A Lifelong Happy, Healthy Horse

G1 is a fermented food that provides diversity to your feeding program and allows your horse to get the most out of its diet. Feed alongside your current regime to support and maintain your horse’s gut health.

Epic G1 Equine Proactive Immune Control

Made of specially treated oats and a curated culture blend, Epic G1 is an all-natural, fermented food that immediately goes to work in restoring and maintaining healthy bacteria levels in the horse’s gastro system to create a natural line of defense.

  • 2 simple ingredients + 1 innovative recipe = 1 Significant Result
  • Ingredients:  Malted Oats + Curated (G1) Culture blend
  • Curated G1 Cultures are not only “live” but are “activated” through a special fermentation process.  The activated G1 goes immediately to work on repairing and maintaining the horses digestive system and overall health

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