Brandi and a Healthy Lefty Competing

It all started with a woman who loved horses and a champion performance horse named Left My Mark, known to his friends as Lefty.

For years, Lefty and his owner, Brandi Turnipseed, spent their evenings and weekends on the road chasing rodeos and dreams.

In 2018 at the end of a fantastic summer season, Lefty became ill.

Although Brandi was used to her horses dealing with stress from miles on the road and the pressure of performing, nothing prepared her for Lefty’s diagnosis of severe gastric ulcers. He coliced while going under a diagnostic gastroscope and was given a year-long treatment to try to save him.

After months of weight loss, vet visits, gastroscopes, vitamin supplements, and thousands of dollars invested monthly in prescribed gastrointestinal and ulcer medication, Brandi was frustrated and overwhelmed. She had tried every pharmaceutical treatment available, and Lefty had still not regained his health or rid himself of the ulcers.

Like many horse-lovers and owners, giving up isn’t an option, so she asked her friend Kai Sacher, a world-renowned food scientist, for help.

Lefty Looking Through The Fence
Lefty Looking Through The Fence

Kai, a leader in the fermented food business with companies like Chobani and Dannon, instinctively and scientifically knew that to heal Lefty, they needed to restore the complex balance between good and bad bacteria so he could get out of dysbiosis (imbalanced gut).


A natural horseman himself, Kai joined Brandi on her mission to help Lefty and discovered a formula that started to change his health almost immediately.

Lefty’s coat started to shine again.
He started to gain weight and play again.
The ulcers disappeared.

Could this fermented liquid be the missing link for performance horses?

Brandi’s extensive network of performance riders and horse-owners started to pay attention to Lefty’s remarkable recovery.

She passed samples to her friends on the road, to vets who couldn’t believe Lefty’s transformation, and she never stopped feeding Lefty what Kai and Brandi were calling calling EPIC G1.

Over and over, the stories came back with the same conclusion.

“It’s like a miracle.”

When a horse eats real food that works with its gut health to improve its immune response, everything changes. Lefty is competing again, and best of all, he’s happy, healthy, and leaving his mark with style — both in and out of the arena.

A Lifelong Happy, Healthy Horse

G1 is a fermented food that provides diversity to your feeding program and allows your horse to get the most out of their diet. Feed alongside your current regime to support and maintain your horse’s gut health.

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Made of specially treated oats and a curated culture blend, Epic G1 is an all-natural, fermented food that immediately goes to work in restoring and maintaining healthy bacteria levels in the horse’s gastro system to create a natural line of defense.

21 doses of Epic G1 – $42

We believe in feeding our horses real food to support their immune health, so they can heal themselves.

EPIC was started in Southern Idaho by Brandi Turnipseed, a champion rider, and Kai Sacher, a world-renowned food scientist. The two created G1, a leading fermented product unlike anything else on the horse health market.

G1 helps maintain general well-being during stressful competition and aids in supporting weight gain, hair growth, and healing of ulcers and other gastrointestinal conditions.

Observation studies and customer experience show feeding G1 daily helps to reduce leaky gut, reduce chronic inflammation and supports the horse as it restores its digestive system so it can produce its own essential vitamins, fatty acids, and enzymes.

Unlike probiotics that are often eliminated from a horse’s system before they can activate and integrate, G1 inoculates almost immediately in the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. G1 promotes intestinal wound repair, supports the immune system, and creates a healthy environment that improves the absorption of minerals.

EPIC Equine is sold across the United States with plans to go International in 2022.

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